We help accelerate growth for health and wellness brands

with a specialized focus on dietary supplements, personal care and functional foods


Partners in Success

Natural Brand Partners is a passionate group of deep industry experienced leaders, marketers, publicists, brand developers, and digital strategists unrelentingly committed to building brands that make an everyday difference in people’s health and to the health of the planet. From emerging to established brands, we’re here to help at any stage in the life of your brand or product.

We Understand Your Business… and Your Customers


We have been working exclusively in your world since 2002.

We don’t need lengthy processes and weeks of group think to solve your problems (we know your struggles!) or to build your brand momentum strategy. We’re extremely nimble and flexible, and we have the right talent around the table. We take all the secrets, tools of the trade and brainpower that our natural products industry professionals have acquired and honed over the years to help accelerate your business.


Public Relations + Media Outreach

Building strong media relationships— from local and national media, including print, broadcast, online media and trade— takes time and effort. The breadth and depth of our media relationships has accelerated business results for our partners.

Influencer & Partnership Marketing

We take the time to personally get to know and vet every influencer before passing them on to our clients. Must-have attributes that we look for include real reach, real engagement, authenticity, and the right voice. We can assist in finding the perfect influencers and long-term partners to accomplish your goals.

Social Media + Digital Marketing

We’ll create an awesome social media strategy across your social media channels that includes, eye-catching content, photography, shareable graphics, video, and ad placements & boosts that increase visitor engagement, encourage site visits or drive sales. Our digital services include blog posts and media buying across a wide range of outlets, from Facebook to Google AdWords, along with SEM and SEO.

Brand Development + Strategy

Whether you’re starting or want to re-energize a natural, organic or healthy products brand, NBP provides strategic council to help you stand out and stand for something important in the minds of your audience. We help you get down to the truth of your brand and build a compelling story around it.

Customer Engagement

NBP has the ability to create unique, large scale and intimate events, which can connect people in unexpected ways and bring them together around your brand. Our experience includes Road Shows, VIP press events and branded vehicle sampling promotions. NBP also provides turnkey support with any established event.

Video/Film Production

NBP has partnered with an award-winning film director to create branded video series and short films to engage your audience.

We also provide support in product development, regulatory and compliance, sales material creation, broker/distributor identification & management, and brand & investor presentations.

Brand Experience

Our team has valuable experience in working at some of the top brands in the industry, spanning various channels including retail, ecommerce, direct selling, DRTV, and healthcare practitioner.

Case Studies

Genuine Health

Influencer Marketing

Accelerating brand awareness, creating great content and earning credibility


Social Media Marketing

Building new customer relationships and nurturing current ones


Brand Development

Making a powerful first impression


Robyn Krauss

Founder & President

My quest for optimal health and performance began when I was a young girl training as a competitive tennis player. I immersed myself in a healthy-living lifestyle long before it was a trend. This has become a lifelong passion and purpose, and the reason why I pursued a professional career in the health and wellness industry.

Along my professional journey – from startups to established brands, I met like-minded natural product industry professionals who have now joined me in helping build a healthier future by partnering with brands we believe in, have a genuine story to tell, help people live a healthy lifestyle, respect animal rights, care for the planet and benefit the community.

The trust you place in us means everything and we will work hard every day to earn it. We love what we do and want you to be happy and have a successful brand.

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